Responsible Intelligent Systems


Does Apple behave responsibly in refusing to build-in iPhone back-doors?

To answer the question in the title right away: yes in my opinion they do. Theories from Philosophy come to their rescue. The first is the theory of the double effect. Another theory that springs to mind is Clark and Chalmers’ extended mind theory: surely we would not want to give the FBI access to parts of our mind. A frightening element in here is that all the arguments used by the proponents of building in backdoors in iPhones could indeed also be used to argue for building in backdoors in our minds to read off good or bad intentions, would that ever be possible. Luckily I belief that such a thing is not possible. At least, not in a way that gives away all of our minds. But if such a thing would ever be possible, the Donald Trumps of the future would definitely demand access.

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