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Neural network hardware is coming

I do not understand why AI watchers and pundits do not pay more attention to Elon Musk’s endeavour to build a special purpose neural network computer to assist the self-driving…

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The fantasies around “basic AI drives”

Through this well written, but I think misguided article in Vox about why we have to take the dangers of AI seriously, I came across the paper of Stephen Omohundro on “basic…

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Wat are the origins of bias in AI systems?

In this video on the ethics of AI, professor Shannon Vallor says “Machines are not racist, machines are not sexist, machines are not ableist or classist. We are.”. And I…

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Fighting fake news using AI is very hard

Fighting fake news using AI techniques is way harder than many people (including Mark Zuckerberg) think. This article reports on some approaches and admits that the results are very poor….

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Yet another misguided prediction about AI

New Scientist reports on a survey held among AI researchers who, according to the magazine, predict that around 2060 AI will outperform humans on every task. Elon Musk added on…

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Youtube and alternative facts

This blog is about this blog by Guillaume Chaslot. (Blogception). Chaslot is a programmer who formerly worked at both Microsoft and Google and now works for Bayes Impact, an NGO…

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The limits of a neural lace

Elon Musk is a great entrepreneur, visionair and environmentalist. But that does not imply that we should take all his ideas very seriously. And now I am not even referring to…

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