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A new initiative: OpenAI

Yet another of Elon Musk’s great initiatives. https://openai.com/blog/introducing-openai/ In my opinion the risks of AI are exaggerated by several people. But Musk now has the right perspective: indeed, there is…

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Ethics and Autonomous Cars

This is quite a good article on autonomous cars and ethics that I apparently had missed (it is from 2014). In the mean time the first experiences with Tesla’s real…

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First Google car accident causing injuries

The first Google self-driving car accident causing injuries has occurred. Luckily the injuries were only minor. No information is available, it seems, on whether this will lead to a legal…

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Responsibility and the illusion of control

Perhaps you already suspected this: traffic light buttons are sometimes lying to you. If you push such a button, it might not have any physical effect at all. But it…

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Should we expect a ban on human drivers?

According to this article in the Guardian, autonomous cars might be set to take over our roads. The article quotes Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, who recently estimated that…

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Killing at a distance

This article sketches a picture that makes you realize that the drone scenes from homeland are maybe not far from the truth. Another worrying aspect is that probably the drone…

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