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Insurance, AI and big brother

A new startup is offering car insurance on the basis of your continuously monitored driving behaviour. The better your skills, or the more you use the car’s autonomous features (!) the less…

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Is it a good idea to use AI to fight fake news?

Not long ago Mark Zuckerberg said he wants to use AI to fight fake news on Facebook. His idea to use algorithms for assessing the truthfulness of webpages or other data is not…

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Deepmind discovers the prisoners dilemma

Researchers from Google report on how deepmind performs in games resembling repeated prisoners dilemmas. They seem to be surprised that in one game (Gathering) a higher complexity of allowed strategies…

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Poker is about to be tackled by AI

It does come as a surprise to me that it seems that only one year after Go, poker is going to be the next game to be conquered by AI. Poker…

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Michigan unleashes the self driving cars

In Michigan (the state where car makers like Ford and General motors are located, but where Tesla is forbidden to sell its cars) self driving cars are now allowed to…

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Robot arrested in Russia?

A fine example of people’s tendency to ascribe way too much capabilities to robots (and of how Russian officials are terrified by anything new political opponents undertake). The Russian manufacturer of the…

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