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Trump explained as a first generation AI-system

The New-York Times has a very nice piece on explaining Trump as a first generation, simplistic, sub-symbolic AI system. It is spot on. It explains that Trump, like the AI systems we currently have, is devoid of responsibility, ethical considerations, sociality, ideology and is only interested in winning along a certain unknown dimension of optimisation. The final sentence reads as the first sentence of a research proposal for a project like our REINS project, that is, if you remove reference to Trump and add the word ‘responsibility’ as one of these common features binding humanity referred to. Here is that last sentence:

Once we accept that Donald Trump represents a black-box, first-generation artificial-intelligence president driven solely by self-selected data and widely fluctuating criteria of success, we can get down to the really hard question confronting our collective future: Is there a way to affect changes in a machine devoid of the common features that bind humanity?

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