Responsible Intelligent Systems


17 May 2018
10:15 - 18:00
University Museum Utrecht

Workshop on Collective Responsibility, Joint Action, and Participation

The workshop on Collective Responsibility, Joint Action, and Participation will take place in Utrecht on May 17th, 2018.

The workshop is associated with the PhD defense of Hein Duijf, which will take place on May 18th, 2018.

The workshop will take place at the University Museum, Lange Nieuwstraat 106, in Utrecht in the Grote Vergaderzaal (2nd floor).

Attendance is free, but registration is required. You can register by sending an email to, preferably no later than 9 May.

Programme (pdf of the program and abstracts):

10:30-11:15 John Horty (Maryland, US): Epistemic Oughts in stit Semantics

11:15-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-12:30 Allard Tamminga (Groningen and Utrecht, Netherlands): Collectivism versus Individualism: Two Formal Results

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:15 Olivier Roy (Bayreuth, Germany): Shared Intentions, Loose Groups, and Pooled Knowledge

14:15-15:00 Natalie Gold (Oxford, UK): Team Reasoning and the Rational Choice of Payoff-Dominant Outcomes in Games

15:00-15:30 Coffee break

15:30-16:15 Jan Broersen (Utrecht, Netherlands): From the achievement stit (and the deliberative stit) to the interventionist stit

16:15-17:00 Hein Duijf (Utrecht, Netherlands): Let’s do it! Collective Responsibility, Joint Action, and Participation

17:00-18:00 drinks

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